Dental Technologies


During the last decade, the specialty of orthodontics has undergone a technological revolution. New materials and techniques are constanlty being developed that can make braces less noticeable, improve patient comfort and, in some cases, reduce treatment time and help control costs.

Dental Implant technologies

With a large focus on dental implant treatment at URS TOOTHFULLY, implant surgery safety and staying abreast dental implant technological and material advancement is of utmost importance. URS TOOTHFULLY DENTAL CLINIC uses dental implant measurement and control units to check the implant post torque during surgery placement. A double-verification is made each time surgery is done for patient safety.

URS TOOTHFULLY advocates leading global dental implants systems from Europe and USA using mainly Straumann SLA, SLActive and Roxolid implants that has established success rates as well as case and research results.

Scaling & Airflow

Doing scaling at urs toothfully is no longer a scary and uncomfortable process. Our clinic uses ultrasonic technology making procedure for the removal of calculus (tartar) more comfortable for the patient.

We are specialized in a wide range of services including: implants, bridges an crowns, dentures, minor oral surgery, root canal treatment, extractions, restorative, preventative and cosmetic dentistry.


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