At your first appointment you will be greeted by trained and friendly staff..

You will be asked to fill out a medical history form which allows us to understand your health better so that we can ensure that you receive dental care that is tailored to your needs.

Once you have completed a short Medical History Form giving information about yourself and how you would like your teeth to be, we will take you to our treatment room, where you will meet your dentist.

Our trained staff are extremely friendly and will address your concerns with utmost sensitivity and provide clear answers to questions that you may have.

Steps Involved in Your First Consultation:

1. Your dentist will start by asking you questions regarding your health and teeth
2. Your dentist will examine your teeth, gums, face and neck. The dentist will assess decay levels and problem areas, to futher discuss with you.
3. If the dentist needs to he/she will ask if they can take x-rays. X-rays enable the dentist to see what is happening beneath the gums and under fillings etc.
4. Once they have gathered the information they need, they will discuss and explain treatment options and solutions to your dental problems (if there are any). For simple routine checks the hygienist or filings may be all that is needed. For more complex issues further tests and investigations may be carried out before a treatment plan is agreed with you.

Benefits of Your First Consultation:

1. Regular visits to your dentist means that they can identify problem areas and correct them before the need for complicated treatment is necessary.
2. Thorough examinations helps your dentist look after your dental health and helps you maintain a confident, healthy smile.
3. You can decide and plan your treatment with your dentist, to achieve the best result for you.


We assure you the Best Dental Service.
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